Dolphin Shipping

Shipping and logistics management software, custom designed for vehicle freight.

The Spreadsheet Challenge

Dolphin Shipping were running their successful business using a series of impressive spreadsheets. While spreadsheets are a great way to start automating a business, the benefits are soon eclipsed by the awkwardness of managing large and complex sets of data; a more refined software solution is called for.

From a software development view, a spreadsheet based system makes a great specification document, saving a great deal of time and effort on analysis and design. We were able to easily interpret software requirements from the existing system and convert the system into a web based solution.

Shipping logistic portal

A custom PHP web application for tracking vehicles and shipping.

Multiple Vehicle lanes

The shipping portal is designed to manage multiple shipping lanes. Each combination of export and import country is a separate shipping lane with differing rules and documentation requirements.


Running an Import/Export businesses generates a lot of documentation such as declarations for customs and manifest reports for shipping companies. The shipping portal generates documentation precisely and automatically as required by shipping companies and Customs agencies.

Documentation is generated as PDF or Excel format depending on the third party requirements.


The invoicing system is designed to streamline the process of generating customer invoices and statements. The process of purchasing and transporting a car involves several agencies and processes if different cities. Each processes is recorded and invoiced to the customer.

dolphin application login page dolphin car database screen shot

Customer portal

Providing timely updates to customers and end users

Shipping timetables

Up to date timetables of when ships are due at loading and unloading ports.

Vehicle details

The export process generates a great deal of information about vehicles. The customer portal gives end users access to a lot of information and pictures quickly, without having to wait for the vehicle to arrive and get unloaded.

API access

The API allows selected external systems to securely connect and request data about different vehicles. Allows end users to load vehicle details into their own systems without the need to re-key.

customer portal dashboard php customer portal screen shot

Fast Track

This system has been designed to streamline the management process for vehicle compliance centres, it makes it easier for staff to keep track of where a vehicle is and at which stage of the process each job is currently at.

fasttrack software dashboard

Mobile Web Application

Built to increase throughput of the compliance centres by reducing the amount of paperwork that needs to be completed by staff. This is done through the use of quick access to vehicles details and an update system via individual

QR code

Reads and generates QR codes for quickly identifying vehicles on the yard.

Notes and status

Record and share notes on a car while standing next to the car, no need to go and look notes up.

Parts management

Allow staff to order parts as soon as they realise a part is needed. Stops the little issues from falling though the cracks.

Fuelsaver API

Integration to government Fuel Saver API to look up star ratings for vehicles.

Dark mode

Maybe only a little thing for some, but it does give the users the option to have their screen in dark mode to save eye strain.

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