Custom Software Development

Good custom software makes your business more efficient and profitable.

Contrary to popular belief, custom software development does not always equate to exorbitant costs. In fact, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, tailor-made solutions that are surprisingly affordable. Our pricing models are flexible and transparent, allowing us to work within your budget without any hidden charges. We believe that every business, regardless of its size or industry, should have access to top-tier software solutions without breaking the bank.

Big cogs representing custom software development
Custom software fit

Custom software to fit your business

We will only build the software you need to make your business work better. You are not paying for extra features you do not need or want.

Custom software ownership

You own the software

When we build software for you, you own it! You are not locked into ongoing license payments. You are able to modify and extend the software in any way you like. Read more about software ownership

Custom software is Extendable and scalable


Custom software extends as your company grows. You are not stuck in the box provided by off the shelf software.

Long term support

Long term service

We support our software for the long term. We are still extending and supporting software built for customers who have been with us for the 21 years we have been in business.

Rapid modification of software

Rapid Modification

Custom built software is designed to be easy to work on. Simple modifications are made in hours, not weeks or months.

Security advantages of custom software


Custom software is not subject to hacks discovered and published in common systems. When off the shelf software is compromised, all other users of that software are at risk.

Isn't it really hard to build custom software?

No! It can be easy, low risk and reasonably priced! Our agile software development process is broken into 2 steps

step 1 - Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

Our team of programmers work directly with your team to find a small software project we can build and deliver in a short time. We are looking for the minimal amount of work necessary to build a real working piece of software that helps your business. A minimal first software project keeps initial costs and risk low, and allows us to build a working relationship.

This first piece of work can be a simple as finding a paper based form or a spreadsheet and turning it into a basic web application. A web application eliminates data double entry and automatically collates data.

step 2 - Support, modify and extend

Support, modify and extend

At this early stage, you have a working software product. We simply begin a cycle of identifying, building and deploying new features and enhancements. New software development is kept to small and distinct chunks to keep risk and ongoing costs in check

We pride ourselves on employing skilled software developers who communicate clearly and work closely with your team. This direct working relationship ensures the software we deliver exactly matches the requirements of your team.